You’re Awesom: Simple things that change the world

You're Awesom
I found a piece of cardboard and wrote with a black marker, “You’re Awesom”
I had no idea it would change so many people’s lives. People walking, biking, and driving… everyone was cracking a smile, giving thumbs up, or yelling at me “YOU’RE AWESOME TOO!” The public bus went by full of gloomy sad faces, and I saw one of them light up with joy.
Then it started getting crazy. A camera crew showed up and asked if they could capture the people’s responses. Of course! I said, laughing at the ridiculous synchronicity. People were asking to take photos with me. Others were on their phone at the bus stop telling their friends about the sign. One lady made a personal request that I tell her husband he’s awesome because he’s having a bad day. Another woman stopped to tell me about the Age of Aquarius when peace and joy becomes the dominating experience on Earth.
Oh! Then I saw a unicyclist!
And… today I’m going out again with more people who want to join in the movement.

Contact me at if you want to collaborate or for any reason at all. If you’re feeling generous and you want to support me, I’ll gladly accept donations via paypal: I love doing this kind of “work”, and I could use some support for food and other living expenses.

I included this photo of water crystals because humans are at least 70% water and I’m seeing how positive words of love and encourage really DO affect people, just like Dr. Emoto discovered with the water crystals. Remember this when you speak to your friends, family, and YOURSELF. Love yourself, love everybody, and make it obvious!

Do these people look like radiantly beautiful water crystals?!
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IUV is real and it’s all energetic

Chase’s evolving perspective on I AM banking, BEing my own source of infinite potential, consciously creating ‘money’ or representations of value, and how I might use Project 13 to communicate and exchange. (~20 minutes long)

*The irrelevance of “quantity”: 10billion vs. 444 dollars, I don’t care the quantity because it only represents the energy that I feel between us. The value of sacred numerology vs. a high quantity.
*The irrelevance of numbers in our economy: I value a string of numbers and letters like 44tut44 more than I value a quantity of $49.99. I don’t care if it’s numbers or letters or a simple doodle. It only represents energy.
[6/19/13 2:15:56 PM] Chase Binnie: *Self-certifying our value and banding together as the One People to certify each others value as a way to communicate the worth of our IUV energy economy. How to get the hovercraft company to sell a machine for IUV vs. $$$
*Lastly, my experience with subtle energetic contracts: my parents offered me a car, but included energetic fine print. I said No way! Immediately after leaving the room, my friend called and offered a ride with cleeeean energy, freedom, joy, and love. I gladly accepted his IUV exchange of 1 ride vs. the gift of a car with guilt/shame energy.